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Underwear items are probably the most underrated in the number of your outfit because it is almost invisible . Underwear not only hygienic but also fashion people are always most interested . The choice also depends on your underwear physique , dress and preferences of each person . One study showed that 70 % of women regularly wear the wrong bra size . So how to you can choose a suitable underwear in a series of designs being launched everyday ?
How to choose lingerie :
Bra :
Choose according suffering people buy bras based on height and measurements , choose to buy according to color . Often fashion ladies underwear bra size distribution under the breast cup : A , B , C , D , E. But in Vietnam , only 2 levels : A and B ( A : small fruits , B : results to ) . Where A corresponds to a small foot ring , small chest Cup , while B corresponds to the big toe rings , cup large breasts .
Cup is calculated in the following way : Bust = Cup on – under the bust . These results will determine size A , B , C , D ( A : 10cm , B : 13cm , C : 15cm , D : 18cm , E : 20cm ) …
We can choose bra according to body weight and height by doing the following : Normally companies are bras on the market have the trophy Vietnam A and B with common size is 70-75 – 80’s.
Way , by weight :
40kg Weight : size A70 ;
Weight 40 – 50kg : size A75 ;
50kg Weight : size A80 ;

Specification size distribution to select suitable products .
For example :
65-70 Chest ( cm ) have a trophy ( Cup = 75-65 = 10 cm = A ) , select size: A65 .
If the height of 1.50 m – 1.55 m, weighs between 42 – 45kg . Corresponding to the smallest size is A70 .
If the height of 1.55 m or more : Weight 40 – 45kg : size A75 ; Weight 45 – 50kg : B75 size , weight is above 59kg : A80 size .
With a height of 1m60 for 55kg weight can be applied with the size: A80 , A85 , A90 .

Shorts :
Choose underwear based on measurements of the hip :
Hip circumference below 90cm : size M ;
Hip circumference 90 – 98cm : size L ;
On 98cm Hip : size XL

A select number of bras tips :
– Measurement of body size . Wearing underwear on , measure accurately located in the chest just below the breasts . If there is an odd number , add 12 cm to the bra size , if an even number , plus 10 cm . To measure breast size , put wiring is loose measure around the fullest part of the chest . Take the 2nd measurement minus first measurement . If the difference is 1 inch ( 2.5 cm ) , the size is A , the difference between 2 inches ( 5 cm ) size is B , like 3 inches = C , 4 = D , 5 = DD , 6 = DDD or E.
– Bra should lie flat on the . If your breasts are 2 pinches side , you need to down size bra , breast size is not . Fabric between the breasts flat on the skin as well . To properly dressed , wearing halter straps in front , then leaned forward to reach her breasts are in effect , then install the lock collar .
– The need to embrace chest breasts . Results need to fill your chest , breast embraces edge 2 . If you have enlarged breasts into 2 sides or rising above , you need to find a cup size bigger to cover a larger portion . If you like soft fruit , make sure the fabric is not pinch the nipple . With rimmed bra , make sure your chest is tight in the chest and the results are no gaps . – Straps need comfortable but not easy to fall down . It also should not leave the skin on his head . If the strap is falling after adjustment, a chest you can not lie snugly in a cup and you need to down a cup size . If the strap to his head , it does not necessarily mean too tight . You may need to find a supportive bra the better. If the underwear being pulled up high behind his back , looking for a tighter lock strap or prolonged . If you still can not get it to shrink size bras . Cord should be located in the rear below the lowest part of the scapula .
– Note rimmed bra . Frame in 90 % vests are created today . A few years ago, researchers said mountings can create cysts in the breast and cause cancer . But that is because women wear bras too tight to hug rimmed should over time , your body reacts . Therefore , it is essential for all types of bras , it should close fit .
– Understand your breasts . If you are looking to buy a larger shirt sizes B , look kind of soft spectacle , it will provide support and shape the natural spontaneity . Hard -rimmed bra can hug tightly can create striking beauty but will cause discomfort . Austria has a horizontal effect , to leak out the top of the chest , the chest will be prominent . The general rule is : shaped breasts in bras rimmed , breast lift with horizontal results , and creating larger breasts with padded bras have .
– If you live in the environment warm weather , ideally you should choose cotton pants . If you live in environments colder weather , should choose pants and wool blend Lycra even if you can adapt to nature ‘s hugging Lycra . However, most lingerie should fit , do not wear too loose nor too tight in the crotch and waist .
Be sure your underwear is the most important item in the wardrobe , even if you do not present them to the outside . So buy the best that you can and avoid items for cheaper but inferior quality . Please select a particular brand you see fit and confident to shop.
In the specific case , you should choose lingerie to suit each purpose . Underwear is usually tight-fitting sports no seams . Type for athlete support department ” sensitive ” , there are some patterns to sink storage bag and money .
How to choose men’s underwear :
For men it is especially difficult when there are only a few choices in design , style and fit . Even so , a few tips can help you choose the best outfit cheapest . You desire to look for bras Darlin guy like that to be the good wife ?
So choose panties cotton material made of natural fibers make the guy feel more open , cooler and cleaner in hot days , low humidity . Take a look at the material composition information on the product packaging before deciding to buy .
Ideally you should buy the product being produced clear of the reputable manufacturer you will not avoid the harmful effects on health , not so eager to buy the other kind of cheap material .
Read carefully , I wear trousers appropriate size ensures spacious enough to transport dong.Cac health professionals advised not to wear too tight underwear most men should avoid wearing trousers too tight on him. The wearing briefs is dangerous because it is the cause of infectious diseases genitalia , due to the low humidity create a favorable environment for bacterial growth , and the cause of the evidence disease of infertility .
So buy a variety of useful panties in the same size vary with the seasons, hot or cold season accordingly.
According to his calculation to select the type of color matching pants . Typically , men can wear trousers in neutral colors such as green , black for the health and tasteful . Besides, the guys pants , flower color is also a choice .
Just like women , men’s underwear has many different styles . Each has a different style of comfortable , airy and reptiles . Do not worry and be afraid , be interested and learn carefully before you decide to buy any kind of pants to match.
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